Emerald Coast Corvette Club Coin


   The original Emerald Coast Corvette Club Coin represented the first generation, C1, of the Corvette. Our new club coin proudly represents all seven generations, C1 thru C7.

The front side displays the club logo and the year the club was established, in 1996.  The back side of the
coin displays all seven generations of the Corvette flag emblems, spanning over 60 years of Corvette heritage.

Our membership, much the same as the coin, depicts the history of the Corvette. Some members own the
older, original Corvettes. Likewise, other members own cars built today along the Pro-Touring lines. We have members throughout the state of Florida, and as far away as South Carolina and New York.

The new ECCC Club Coin is an admired memorabilia reflecting pride in our club. We encourage coin owners to pass, swap, or gift coins as a token of friendship or gratitude.

The ECCC Recognition Coin is identical to the club coin, except for the 'red' background. This limited production coin will be presented by the ECCC President as a token of appreciation to a club member for a noteworthy
contribution, or a non-member for notable assistance to the club. The ECCC Board shall determine the recipient of this special coin.


Our Original Club Coin and a little history is available here 


The new Emerald Coast Corvette Club Coin is available for purchase for $10.00.